Monday, August 4, 2008

First Book & The USCG

Shake Hands with the U.S. Coast Guard starting July 5!

As the signature charity of the U.S. Coast Guard, First Book announces the Summer Reading Handshake Tour kicking off July 5. This summer, the USCG Tall Ship Eagle sails to West Coast ports of call.

Visitors to the ship who shake hands with the Coasties generate a brand new book for a child in need. The designated ports of call include:

Tacoma, WA July 5-7 11,539 handshakes
San Francisco, CA July 23-28 13,288 handshakes
Los Angeles, CA August 1-4
San Diego, CA August 8-11
Los Angeles, CA August 15-18
San Diego, CA August 20-25

Can't make one of the ports of call,

Help donate books to needy kids by clicking on the First Book Link below.

Learn about the United States Coast Guard Academy Training vessel, The Eagle

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