Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hasbro Gifts of Play Grant

A special Thank You to Hasbro and their Gifts of Play grant, a part of their community relations division. The BRO received 91 assorted toys, as shown in the photos in this blog post. The toys are in the process of being sent out into the St. Louis Community.
Here is an excerpt from a thank you note received from SSDN ( South Side Day Nursery). I love how they describe "play".
"As play is the "work of children", their method for exploring and learning about the world, it is wonderful to be able to provide children with new toys during the holidays. These gifts are truly a dose of positive self-worth for low-income children who may otherwise have to settle for hand me downs.....In effect your gifts will supplement Learning Center educational instruction by developing child creativity during hours of imaginative play at home"
I packed one of these Jeng games along with some other goodies, for a 7 year old living in a homeless shelter, I'm thinking his 4 year old brother will enjoy playing with it, too.
And some of these Yahtzee games will show up at the Winterwonderland Festival given by the 22nd Circuit Cout of St. Louis for their foster families.

These funky little Mr. Potato Head plushies will find their way into newborn care kits. Each will contain, a plush toy, a sampler pack of baby washes, lotions, shampoos, a rattle or other infant toy, and a receiving blanket.

The 4 & 5 year olds will enjoy these cool Transformers

Infants and toddlers will learn about shapes and sorting with this cheery item,

What little girl doesn't like my Little Pony, and this set has two ponies!

Thanks Hasbro for helping us to provide St. Louis area families in need with a happier, brighter Christmas and Holidays.

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