Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toy Distribution 2008

December 1 marked the first day of the BRO Toy Distribution. Where did this snow come from? Snow may slow down the individual clients who are scheduled for pick up. But first on our list is the Gateway Wheeler State School for Severly the Severly Disabled. We gave out toys to 87 children with special needs. This year we tried to meet the requests from the wish list submitted by the teachers and staff at the school. We also provided toys for 125 children at Davis Comprehensive Health Care and toys for 100 at St. Louis Transitional Hope House.

Tuesday we were prepared to provided toys for over 360 children at the following agencies HDC Northeast, Intercommunity Housing, St. Louis Empowerment Center and the Southside Day Nursery.

Wednesday we geared up for about 300 children served by HDC Wellston, HDC Northeast, HDC Ssouthside Gateway Center and Grace Hill Neighborhood services.

Thursday brought in another batch of volunteers and 300 children served by HDC Northside Gateway, HDC Northeast, HDC Family Support Program and Youth and Family Center.

Finally Friday came, another round of volunteers and 250 plus clients from Little Angel Learning Center, St. Philippines House, Family Care of Carondelet and Barnes Hospital. Whew!

Retired teachers from the Northwest R-1 School District in House Springs, Missouri staffed Monday and Friday. It was a new experience for this retired group of friends. We hope they'll join us again next year.

One of our volunteers makes new "formals" for the "reconditioned" Barbies. Each child receives new and reconditioned ( gently used) toys, books, a game or puzzle and other goodies.

Volunteer wood workers make these very classy tool boxes for our little guys.

Soccer Balls and Wiffle ball/bats are an old standby.

Tons of new and gently used stuffed animals.

Three Donna's, all in one place on the same day. It was easy to remember names.

Our First Book Donation ( remember the post about the 3000 books,) packaged for the 7 - 10 year old boys and girls.

Aleeza Granote, (far right) Barnes Hospital, picks up bags of goodies for some of her clients.

Prior to our week long toy distribution we packed and stored toys at a community church for the following agencies.
Family Court 250
Community Helping Ministries 145
West Presbyterian Church 100
Urban League 110
We will also be providing 50 -75 toys for the Youth and Family Center's Winterwonderland Festival.

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